Olivier Dassault

Honorary President Globes de Cristal

“That France offers another way of experiencing culture in the world is your doing, dear artists. May you be honoured for it!

I used to make short films before photography swept me away. As a musician and film producer, I have only the highest esteem for each artistic universe. Creativity, boldness and excellence are the fruits which our Nation lovingly grows, hearkening back to Voltaire and establishing itself as the nation of freedom and expression of the arts. What a delight it is to revel in passions brought alive – may originality keep indifference forever at bay!

Dear unofficial ambassadors of the Nation of Lights, the glittering legendary stage of the Lido belongs, for one evening, to today’s most promising talents and those who have earned the public’s regard.

Over the years, The Globes du Cristal have become an institution. With its judging panel of sharp, eloquent minds on the fore of the cultural scene, chaired this year by iconic French figure Ms Catherine Deneuve…

The stage is set for the 11th Awards Ceremony to meet with all the success it deserves.”

Olivier Dassault